Summerville Male Strippers

Summerville Male Strippers

Summerville, SC is on the list of one of the many places traveled to Give me a call if you are looking for a male entertainer in Summerville for 2023.  Your dancer spent time perfecting the art of the tease to give you the best show possible. He knows what it takes to make your party an unforgettable one.  Get ready for a commanding presence and treat as he unravels your hot desires during your show. Yoour party will need to brace yourselfs for an encounter that will leave you speechless and longing for the more. Summerville SC male exotic dancer entertainment for girls night out.

Male Strippers Summerville

The pricing for the party is 200$ for your party in Summerville. Our guy has traveled down Dorchester road a few times to do parties or traveled through the creek to get there as well. What is a male strip-o-gram like, you should book to find out for sure if you already have made it this far. Instead of heading out to a night club way out of the way for a performance.  

The dancer performance is alway fun and sexy. The entertainer is there unsheath his costume and entertain your party. He will coordinate with the party planner and be roaring to go.

This idea is perfect for bachelorette party, birthday party, break ups, or a night out. A reason to party with the besties and have excitement and when you add a male entertainer for sure.

Summerville Male Strippers

Summerville SC Male Stripper

Summerville SC Male Strippers

R e n t  a  m a l e  s t r i p p e r  Call 8443262370  

Male Strippers Summerville SC

Story Line of the lineup of start to finish of a thriller show

First off we start off with a phone call usually to me your dancer and booking agent for the details.  When you dial the hotline the phone will be answered as promptly as possible or returned as soon as i see the miss call. This is probably the easiest part of it all, because you ask all the questions and get all the answers as fast as possible. I will need a contact name, location of the get-together, number of guest, type of theme, and any special request that you may want to make for your booking. Here is a amazing part of the process as well, No deposits until I arrive at you house, airbnb or apartment so your not locked into the process. I do not want you credit card number at all.

Now it is time for the party and I call you to say hey I am on the way to the address. Now is a good time to get the dance floor ready, the gang in one spot and verify that the time is still good. I will remind you that a few minutes are needed for prepartions. Does the Bride to be know? Yes or No.....either way it does not matter because whether walking in casually or being sneaked into the back or side door, let us never ruin the surprise for the guest in attendance. This is where you see me in person and verify that there was no catfishing or bait n switch with the photos and any other notes that need to be taken care of. 

In the next 5-10 minutes lets get everyone really ready so shots can be rolling and the music can be loud because we are about to start the show for sure. The entry is always the most awkward but I will keep it simple and not confuse everyone with to much bells and whistles so lets save a horse and ride a stripper for the nights play. I will leave out the part of my dance routine except for the works of dancing, crowd fun, and a mix bag of everything so nothing is missed throughout the entire event. The acutal performance is going on and we are having a blast for sure.

Time to wrap up and no worries. Hugs and kisses can be given and I will be on my way from your playground. I will go get changed and let the guest know that I am about to walk out of the door with lots of good-byes. This is pretty straight forward right? I think so as well.

Dont think twice if a Summerville male stripper in needed tonight

One of many options in the Summerville SC area, next to Goose Creek for male stripping that is for your party.  You don't need to drive anywhere for this or be on someone elses schedule and get to be your own bartender, door man and sell your own tickets if you want to. I am a good source of male entertainement for Summerville if a male stripper is wanted. Summereville bachelorette party, Summerville birthday party, passion parties, Hen-dos, divorces, and any type of gala where a male exotic dancer is needed to be where you are tonight. Last minute ideas to book a male dancer are accepted so do not be afraid to call in a sort window. 

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